Types Of Kitchen Floor Plans

When we are designing our ideal home there are many things that we know we want. For most people the room that they focus on the most is the kitchen. This is where they cook their meals and where they entertain many of their guests. It is for this reason that they want it to look good and be functional. There are many different types of floor plans that you are able to use when creating your kitchen.

U-Shape Plan

This is one of the more efficient and versatile kitchen floor plans. With this plan you will be able to put a workstation on each of the three walls. This helps to provide you with plenty of storage and counter space on every wall.

The dead end floor plan will also help to prevent traffic from becoming too heavy. The only problem with this is that it isn’t the best to use when you like to entertain guests or have more then one cook inside. This requires an 8×8 foot space with 4 feet in the center of the room.

L-Shape Plan

The L-shape plan will place two workstations on one wall and the third on the wall adjacent to it. This is a better layout for people who need more space. However, it is not ideal for people who have small homes. You need open counter space between each workstation. Make sure that you arrange the workstations properly and that the whole thing flows together.

Island Plan

This is the most popular kitchen floor plan because of the freestanding workstation that is situated in the center of the kitchen. This will have extra cabinet space and an extra sink or cook top. This is best used in larger kitchens and provides people with the maximum amount of efficiency. You must allow forty-two inches of aisle space on each side of the island.

Galley Plan

This floor plan has parallel walls to it – which make it a compact floor plan and perfect for smaller spaces. The walls make it easy for the cook to move about easily form one workstation to the next. The only problem with this is that the triangle work space is in the way of where the traffic walks through. It is also not ideal for entertaining guests.