Small Kitchen Floor Plans

Having a small kitchen is not the best thing for many of us – but it does not mean that we do not have any options. There are ways in which you can create a small kitchen floor plan that will give you the space you need to work in. We have tips on how you can fit in the cabinet space that you need with the cooking space that you want.

The kitchen was created to be a way for us to cook our every meal in – but to do this you really do not need much room. If there is one thing in the kitchen that people covet the most it would be cabinet space. You need enough storage to hold all of your Tupperware, pots and pans, and your good china.

It is not hard to figure out where the cabinets are going to go. The trick with this is to design how the cabinets will look and how much room they will have. For each of the drawers you want to make them deeper than they would normally be. For the larger cabinets on the bottom install pull out shelves. The corner cabinets can use the lazy susan – which are perfect for holding your pans and pots.

The top cabinets should be built with an extra shelf on the top. This will give you a great deal of storage – but it will also make the cabinets much closer to the ceiling. Just remember to keep a stepping stool handy for when you need to get something. The best way to make the kitchen look more open is to install glass doors on the top cabinets.

Counter space is just as important as cabinet space so make sure you are careful in how you design it. Try to add on a couple more inches of depth to them without taking up too much free space. There should be three feet between each counter area. Rather then placing a bunch of small appliances on the surface of these counters try to store them away.

When it comes to appliances you are going to have to start thinking small if you want the whole kitchen to come together properly. Use a smaller refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher that will not take up much space. If you have a microwave try to build it into the wall above a counter and beneath cabinets. The one appliance you should never downsize is the sink. It is too hard to clean a lot of dishes in a tiny sink.