Practical Kitchen Floor Plans

When designing your kitchen you want to create a floor plan for it that makes sense. A practical kitchen floor plan will provide you with the space that you need to cook each meal and to hold all of your pots and pans that will fit the space that you have available for it.

Too many of us will focus on having the biggest and best kitchen that we will either misuse the space that we have been given and will not use enough of it or use too much of it. There are key things that you need to focus on when putting your kitchen floor plan together.


The first thing you need to think about is how much space you will have. If you have a small space than you need to make sure that everything is compact – but also useful. If you have a larger space then find ways in which you can create the right cabinet space and how you can install your new state of the art stove.


Once you know how large or small the space is going to be you will have time to focus on a way to design it so that it all works well together. Determine where all of the appliances need to be so that the layout of the kitchen is easy to walk through and everything is easy to access. It is horrible to try to cook in a kitchen where you are in the way of everything.

Storage Space

Storage space is something that every kitchen needs and most people do not have enough of. Figure out clever ways of expanding upon the space that you have. If you have a small kitchen why not make the cabinets deeper. If you have a large kitchen try to place an island in the center of it and built cabinets in the base of it.