How To Create Kitchen Floor Plans

Kitchen floor plans are important to have because it allows you to visualize what it is you want to do with your home. There are two ways in which you are able to create a kitchen floor plan. The first is to draw it out on graph paper and the second is to use a special program that will draw everything out for you.

For many people it is easier to purchase a special design program that will be able to create the floor plan based upon what you want to use. These cost between $50 to $500 and will allow you to design everything including the shape, color, and style of cabinets you wish to use.

But before you can draw the plan or log it into the computer you must first be able to know what it is you want. The best way to design your kitchen floor plan is to use a piece of cardboard box that is six inches wide. This will help you to imagine where the cabinets will be, how far apart everything will be, and if you can use an island.

By using the box you will have an idea if things are too small or too large and if they will be in the way of people walking. Once you have determined the measurements of the counter space and cabinet space you can put it down on paper.

Now you are ready to place in all of the appliances that you wish to have. To do this properly and to help know how everything will look you have to also draw in all of the wiring and plumbing and where it will be. You may find that you will have to switch things around to make it more practical for your kitchen.

Any extra designs like windows or islands should also be drawn into the kitchen floor plan. In short you want every detail taken care of. When you use the program you will be able to visualize better what the end result will look like. This is because you can take it a step further and choose what materials and colors to use.